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Why Roasted Vegetables Rock.

Roasted Vegetable Rock.
They are tasty.
They are easy.
They are healthy.
(Three of my favourite things!)

You want to use up old vegetables? Need a simple, versatile dish?
Seriously, it’s magical.
An especially perfect dish for a grey day!

This is more like a method than an actual recipe, and can be customized in infinite ways.
Pre-heat your oven to about 400-425°F
Start with say…about 4 cups of chopped up veggies.
Toss your vegetables with a little oil so that they don’t dry out. (olive, grape seed, coconut, ect.)
For seasoning, a little sea salt and pepper is good. However, I usually go for something with a little more umph. My current go-to is salt/pepper/fresh sage/garlic/apple cider vinegar. Another good one is salt/pepper/garlic/Italian herbs/balsamic vinegar. But seriously, the possibilities are endless, do you have any favourites?
Now that you’ve tossed your veggies with oil and seasoning, place them in the oven for about 40 minutes. Check on them every so often and turn them over when necessary.

Serve them with mashed potatoes, quinoa, on a piece of toast, with pasta, or whatever the heck else you can think of!
Store leftovers in the fridge and take them for lunches!

*Tip for broccoli: make sure the florets aren’t hanging out near the top of your veggies, or they dry out and taste icky. You can make sure they are covered by other vegetables or make sure they have a little oil in them.

Ps. This current mix of vegetables is:
-Bell Pepper
-Green Cabbage
-Enoki Mushrooms
I think that’s all….

Happy roasting!

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4 thoughts on “Why Roasted Vegetables Rock.

  1. Oh I know, they really rock!

  2. I couldn’t agree more about the wonders of a bit pile full of roasted vegetables. I think one of my favorite seasonings for doing this is Moroccan-influenced. Some olive oil, paprika, cumin, minced garlic, cayenne, salt, pepper, and just a bit of cinnamon. So good!

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