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The Jessica Bar

This is a post originally posted to FionasFlavours.wordpress.com, Lost Garden’s old site.

Last week was Jessica’s Birthday (my former/to-be-once-again-come-September roommate, co-worker, and long time friend). Jessica had made me an awesome birthday present, including hand painted shoes, and a survival kit for the 3 papers I had due right after my birthday. (Check it out!–>) So obviously I had to try and make something equally personal and awesome for her! And what is pretty much the most important thing in Jessica’s life? Food! (and chocolate maybe…) Both of which could be incorporated into granola bars! (Which she happens to eat all the time, Perfect!)

Objective: Create an awesome homemade granola bar for Jessica, the granola bar scarfing machine.
Requirement: Must contain Chocolate and fruit/berries. Healthy, and energizing, in order to complete days of work on the farm. Tasty, obviously.

And so I began my research

…after careful contemplation I decided to use this recipe as my base, with quite a few adjustments for The Jessica Bar.

2.5 cup Rolled Oats
1 cup Nuts (I used almonds)
1 cup Dried Fruit (I used a blueberry, cherry, cranberry mixture)
3 tbs Salted Butter
3/4 cup Brown Sugar
1 tsp Vanilla extract
4 tbs Honey
2 tbs Molasses
1/2 cup Ground Flax seed (Which I accidentally forgot to put in, so feel free to omit if you wish)

1. Lightly toast oats and nuts in a pan. After toasted, mix with the fruit and Flax.
2. Add Sugar, Butter, Vanilla extract, Honey, and Molasses into a small sauce pan and cook over medium until it comes to a boil. After boiled, remove from heat and combine with the oat mixture, evenly coating. Let cool. I then mixed in Chocolate, however I didn’t wait for the mixture to cool long enough, and the chocolate just melted in. Still tasty, but not what I intended. So if you wish to add chocolate (and you want it to be chunks), wait for it to cool!
3. Line a pan with plastic wrap and spoon mixture in. Let sit in the freezer or fridge until cooled and firmed up. I used a 10×6 pan, though depending on your desired thickness you can adjust accordingly. Cut and wrap up bars, I used wax paper for this, and tied the ends with string. Then placed them in a customized box. Storing in a cool place is best.

Now you have yourself some tasty, chewy granola bars, great for gifts, or just for yourself.
Also in her gift basket was homemade Maple Walnut infused butter (her favourite meal is breakfast), braided lavender, and a hydrangea flower.

Mission: Success.

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