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Raw Vegan Egg(less)nog!

This is a post originally posted to FionasFlavours.wordpress.com, Lost Garden’s old site.

I adore the Holiday Season!
Unfortunately exams like them too. But to be honest I don’t have it too bad this year.

Other than a silly paper. That I should be writing at the moment.
But making, drinking, and now sharing this Egglessnog has been an excellent and delicious procrastination.

This version of the holiday classic is lighter, but still just as tasty! (and healthy!)

1 cup Raw Almonds
2 cups Water
4 Dates (Soaked) and/or Honey
1/2 Vanilla Bean (or a little vanilla extract)
1 tsp Ground Nutmeg
1/8 tsp Ground Cloves
Dash Cinnamon

For Almond Milk:
1. Rinse almonds then cover them with a generous amount of water, letting them soak for about 8 hours. (Overnight is good)
2. Drain almonds, then rinse. Add the almonds and the water into a blender and blend well.
3. Place a cheese cloth (or nut milk bag/or even a piece of an old, clean cotton t-shirt) in a mesh strainer over a bowl. Pour the contents of the blender into the cloth to strain the solids form the liquid.
4. Keep the left over pulp to make other raw goodies. Dry in a dehydrator if you’d like it to keep for longer.

For Nog:
1. In a blender add the scraped insides of half a vanilla bean, nutmeg, cloves, cinnamon, and dates/honey to tastes. (I used 4 dates and some honey, feel free to use agave/stevia/sugar/ect). Add about half of the nut milk to the blender and blend well.
2. Add the rest of the nut milk to the blender, and blend. Test for sweetness, and add more if desired.

Store in a glass jar in the fridge for up to approximately 4 days, shake well before serving.

Good to the last drop (:

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