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Experiments in Uncooking: Raw Almond Cheese and Crackers

This is a post originally posted to FionasFlavours.wordpress.com, Lost Garden’s old site.

Aren’t cheese and crackers always raw?

This was my taste-tester’s response to me forcing raw cheese and crackers on him. I like to taste test healthy food on my not-so-into-healthy roommate to make sure it’s actually good.
After explaining that raw meant food never heated over 118°F, he approved.

I’ve been looking into raw food for a while now, and trying to incorporate more into my diet, but this was my first attempt at raw baking…well sort of: I just realized that our toaster oven goes lower than 150°F! Though I’m not exactly sure how much lower because the temperature goes down, but the numbers don’t. Therefore, I suppose these crackers may not be legitimately raw…but the cheese is! And the crackers could be too if you’re lucky enough to have a dehydrator!
Downside: The toaster oven is small…(so this only makes about 10 or so crackers depending on the size)

The crackers are really quite delicious though! I made them on a whim, not thinking much of them, then ended up making two batches (but a little different the second time).

I followed Rawmazing’s instructions on how to make the Raw Almond Cheese.
The recipe can be found here.
If you’re looking into raw food, check out Rawmazing! Lots of great information and tasty looking recipes.

The cheese is pretty tasty, reminds me of hummus, but I think I’d add spices/herbs next time.

Raw Rosemary-Almond-Flax Seed Crackers:
1/2 cup Ground Almond
3 tbs Flax Seed
aprox. 1 tbs Dried Rosemary
pinch Sea Salt

Option one:

With Pre-ground almonds (or ground separately)

1. Place Flax and rosemary into a food processor/blender/magic bullet and grind until most flax seeds are ground, but the mixture still has a little texture.

2. Mix all dry ingredients in a bowl, then mix with water, about a teaspoon at a time, until a dough forms.

3. Shape dough however you like.
(For example, if you’d like round crackers: Shape into balls, place one ball at a time between two pieces of parchment paper, and press with something flat (like a small cutting board, or a book) until it is at your desired thickness)

4. Place crackers on parchment paper in an oven/toaster oven (at lowest temperature), or a dehydrator for raw crackers. Flip crackers over when one side looks fairly dry. These will probably take a few hours or more depending on what temperature you are dehydrating them at and how thick they are. Just check on them every so often.

Option two:

1.Place whole almonds, flax, rosemary, and salt into a food processor/blender/magic bullet and blend well.

2. Continue on, as in option one.

From now on I think I will make them using option one, but shape them into circles like I did with option two.

Hope you enjoy!

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