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Berry Quinoa Breakfast with Coconut Chocolate Whipped Cream

This is a post originally posted to FionasFlavours.wordpress.com, Lost Garden’s old site.

Quinoa is tasty!
And Versatile!
And healthy!
I like it…

A few days ago I made my first batch of quinoa, and I will be making more. So many options!
You know what else is amazing?! Coconut whipped cream!

Coconut Whipped Cream:
-Chill a can of coconut milk in the fridge overnight (or longer).
-Open the can and scoop off the thick, opaque top part.
-Whip to desired consistency. I would recommend a electric mixer, unless you want a workout. I speak from experience.
-Add in some sweetener of choice (I used honey) and some cocoa powder to taste, for chocolate whipped cream!

If you wish to firm up the whipped cream a little more, place it in the fridge post-whipping.
Store excess in the fridge.

Top some quinoa with mixed berries and a little honey with some coconut whipped cream!

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2 thoughts on “Berry Quinoa Breakfast with Coconut Chocolate Whipped Cream

  1. This looks amazing – I totally have to try this! 🙂

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